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" I studied English grammar at school, but with this, I wasn’t able to hold a conversation or understand the lectures that I attended. For many years I tried to improve it, going to different academies, but I didn’t succeed. The best decision I made was to start online classes with Ruth, because I can do them everywhere and adapt them to my work schedule. And I also enjoy them! Doing this classes once or twice a week, I’ve managed to improve my listening and my fluency, and I am more confident now, in fact, I am preparing a class of dentistry for the English group of students at the University in Valencia (Spain). "

Ana Mellado Valero, PhD.Martinez y Mellado Dental Clinic Inc. Dentist and Managing Director. 

" For me, contacting Ruth and enjoying her as a teacher has been a relief from my panic about studying English. The classes are very practical and I have really felt that within two months I have improved a lot on my mental block to express myself in English. I would highly recommend her. Thank you very much Ruth. "

Vicente Sanz TorróPartner



" I really enjoy the lessons, it is an easy way to learn English. Ruth, have to say that I feel very confortable speaking English with you "

Rosa Maria Puertas MedinaLecturer of EconomicsUniversitat Politècnica de València

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